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I love meeting my clients face to face over a cup of coffee, but I know sometimes that's not possible with how much work needs to be done for both the wedding and everyday life. I offer in-person meetings in the Philadelphia & New York. Online meetings such as skype or facetime are a fantastic way of also meeting for the new progressed couple!


I don't like being pressured to buy a pair of shoes at a shoe store, so why would I do this to my clients? Here at Lisamarie Artistry we value your love and support and want to make you feel welcomed without the pressure of a "sales pitch". If you like what you see, and want me to document your journey of a lifetime, it's two simple steps, sign the online contract and pay the 10% retainer fee and you've booked me!



My biggest package comes with a free engagement session and is one of the many reasons why that is my most popular package, but for my clients who don't need all of the things I offer in my biggest package can always receive 50% off on an engagement session as a gift from me to you!


After your engagement session, I love getting the chance to have a sit down with my clients and go over the timeline for the wedding day. I've also invested time into making a detailed family shot list that makes things so simple for everyone! I pride myself in how smoothly family photographs go during the wedding day!

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I want my clients to know that they can depend on me for their big day. I will be ready nice and early and even pick you up coffee if you need it! this will be a day for romance and the first day of your forever. a very empowering day for love and beauty. it's your day!


I love to meet my clients in person for their delivery of digital photographs. if possible, we will schedule a meeting within 30 days of your wedding, or if you're away for your honeymoon longer than 30 days, we can do so after that. i love to present photographs in a way that is beyond meaningful. prints and wedding albums are available!