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Hello, I’m Lisamarie DeJesus.

I’ve been a creative for over a decade now. I started off in the graphic design world, creating MySpace layout’s for bands when I was in high school. Hard work runs in my blood. I started this amazing business because I knew couples needed an honest wedding photographer who was going to care for them, their families, and their wedding day. I obsess over weddings and the beauty of saying “I do”. I’m a sucker for proposal stories and the chances of me choking up and crying are really high.

I’ve moved so much in my life, but the one place I truly call home is in Pennsylvania. I was born and raised in New York, so you know that Christmas is a big deal for me. I currently live in Arizona providing my wonderful boyfriend of 8 years with the support and love he gave to me when I started my business. He’s a video game designer and loves what he does every single day.


I LOVE animals! If I didn’t become a wedding photographer, I would have become a veterinarian and would have opened up my own animal hospital. I’m a city girl who loves coffee, fashion, the autumn season, and jazz music. I personally think spending time with your loved ones is important and having someone to share those amazing moments with. My job is a joyous occasion filled with happy faces, faith and love for one another. I couldn’t choose anything else to do with my life and my talents. I know that God provided me with this natural talent and hard work ethic for a reason and it’s to provide his children with timeless and everlasting memories. This business is built on the faith of the Lord but I accept all weddings.


Sunday morning’s are for brunching!


I love getting to know my clients and that’s why I offer complementary engagement sessions with most of my collections. The experience with me is on a 1 on 1 bassist and all emails, phone calls, meetings, planning & shooting will be done by me. I take pride in this and getting to really know all of my clients and this is why I only take 20 - 25 weddings a year.

I do hire a team of trust worthy talented creatives to help me alongside those big weddings. Second Shooter’s do not typically come with my collections but it is always an option.

No matter whom you end up booking, I encourage you choose someone whose photos make you feel all of the smiles, tears, and celebrations their images capture.

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Features Overview


Caroline & Young



Rachel & Matthew


Isabel & Abey


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Artistry Couples


My clients love natural light, neutral colors, & joyous memories.

They love going out to brunch, family BBQ’s, & staying in for movie nights.

She love’s chic fashion and he loves coffee shops.

They appreciate quality over quantity in all aspects of life.

They love spending their summers on the beach & they love Autumn.

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