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It all started

When I was 14 and my grandmother handed me my first throwaway camera. I knew at that moment that I wanted to create. As a little girl I was so inspired by Disney movies, oil paintings, and museums. I wanted to create all kinds of art and in so many fashions.

I never attended school for photography because I had the best city to teach me everything I needed to know, New York City. I grew up with some of the best artist surrounding me, all I needed to do was work hard to achieve my goals.

Now, 28, and owning my own business for the past couple of years. I’m loving every single moment of it too! If life has thought me one thing, it’s that hard work pays off and gratitude shall keep you grounded.


The core of my business,

It’s bases off of love, honesty, and attention to details. I want my clients to know when they are hiring me, they are hiring a honest hard working woman. I am giving myself as a whole to my clients and spending so much time to small details, so much so my partner tell’s me that I should become a wedding planner (Here are 2020 goal’s).

I absolutely love what I do for a living and I’m so humble for the natural talent God has given me to share with the world. I am a small business for now, but in a couple of years our goal is to make it in some of the biggest magazines for all of our clients. Without you, non of this could be possible. Thank you.

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Some of my favorite things

I Coffee & Coffee Shops.

II Fashion & Bridal Fashion.

III Aesthetics of all kind.

IV A rainy day indoors.

V The first day of fall.