When you think about how portraits evolved from painting to photographs, it gives photos an entirely new meaning. Just 200 years ago, if you wanted tangible proof of beauty or simply documentation of how you and your loved ones looked, you had to hire a painter. She would come to you, oil paints in tow, sit you down in the most regal corner of your home, and spend hours studying the curves of your face and re-creating it on canvas.

It’s this time, patience, and evolution that inspired me study fine art photography in college. And it’s this degree that led me to shooting film, a medium that bridges the gap between the old world and the new. And it’s simply my romantic streak that landed me in the wedding business.

I get asked a lot why I shoot weddings, and to be honest - people are happy. It's a joy to go to work when your clients are excited to see you and are so looking forward to the day. It means a lot to me to be a part of that, and my favorite clients are the ones who picked me for a reason. 

 So if you, too, are just a little bit of a history nerd and film photos make your heart happy like they do mine, or if you love dogs, joyful people, and celebrating your family, I think we have some talking to do. 


"If you want your photos to show the emotion and joy of the day, hire Lisamarie. If you want your photos to feel timeless and beautiful, hire Lisamarie. If you want them to look like you're plucked from the pages of a magazine, hire Lisamaire. Seriously. Just hire her!"

Emily & Michael